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Spring Events

In-Person and Virtual Sound Immersions

Sunday April 28th @ 4 pm

Sunday May 19th @ 7 pm

Group sound immersions allow us to share deep relaxation in a safe environment. Several research studies have shown statistically relevant findings for reduction of pain, anxiety and fatigue during group sound baths and acupuncture. Anecdotally, I have found them to bring relief during times of great physical discomfort, deep grief and times of increased stress. The effects are there whether attending in-person or virtually. I have found bone-conduction headphones give me a deeper experience of the sound immersion than earbuds, but both will allow you to experience deep relaxation. I look forward to having you in our healing circle of sound.

Please note that registration for the Sound Immersions closes at noon EDT on the day of the event


Return of In-person Massage Therapy and Sound Therapy  Sessions

It has been a Minute!

I am so excited to return to a regular schedule of in-person appointments.

It is my joy and honor to help women and musicians with hands-on massage therapy and sound therapy to provide relief of musculoskeletal discomfort, and reduction of the effects of stress on the mind and body. I have a unique way of working with you. Through active listening and observation, I am able to create sessions that are unique to your needs.

Tuesday - Saturday, 1 pm - 7 pm


Private Gentle and Restorative

Yoga Sessions

Have you been looking for simple movements that support the way you move during the day, or learning how to connect your breath and breathing to movement?

Starting this spring, I am offering private yoga sessions both in-person and online. Sessions will be tailored to your needs, especially tending to reducing stress, relieving chronic musculoskeletal pain and learning how to be in stillness and silence.

Tuesday - Saturday, 1 pm - 7 pm


Relax + Retreat + Renew - Yoga, Sound and Broom Making

June 9th from 9 am - 4:30 pm in Kalamazoo

I'm excited to announce the first ever, in-person Relax + Retreat + Renew event!

We will be gathering at my home mid-century modern home in Kalamazoo, MI.

Plan to enjoy a day of focusing on wellness, joy, creativity and meeting new people! The day begins with local pastries and coffee while getting to know each other. Next is a Gentle and Restorative yoga session before enjoying lunch on your own.

After lunch, Suzie from Branded Goat Designs will guide us in creating a turkey wing whisk broom.

After the exhilaration of creating your own broom, settle in for a deeply relaxing sound immersion featuring my favorite instruments. Perhaps you will wish to use your favorite pose from the morning Restorative yoga!

The day ends with our closing circle and goodbyes. And if you aren’t ready to bid adieu to new friends, join us at a local restaurant for more community and conversation.

This retreat would be a great activity for your friends or family, so grab a group and sign up!

When you register, you will get a link to a survey. Your answers will determine what delightful treats are available, and what color you would like to personalize your broom.


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