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I am Susan Mayer. Massage therapist, sound therapy practitioner, aromatherapist, intuitive, mom to young men and cats, and lover of the beach.

My destiny was steered in a new direction after a quick 15-minute massage at a swim meet in 1984. After that short session, I dropped 10 seconds off my previous best 200 IM time! I realized more than ever before, that touch held a power -- a therapeutic, transformative power. This epiphany led me to the prestigious Chicago School of Massage Therapy, and by 1992 I was set on a path that combined knowledge, passion, and empathy. Over the years, my dedication to alleviating chronic pain has only deepened, enriching me with a wealth of experience.

As a curious child, I felt an innate pull towards the power of touch, and the magic of scent, and how sound worked. I loved smelling things. I loved pansies and lily of the valley. Especially enthralling was the perfume aisle, where I would spray every perfume on me. In the spring when no one was looking, I would dig up lily of thevalley and think up ways to extract its delicious aroma. It turns out that it is a plant that has no essential oil, but it started my journey towards creating scent. And back when there were
different kinds of doorbells, trips to the hardware store included ringing every one.

When the world seemed devoid of products that suited my sensitive skin, I didn't settle. My  love for enchanting aromas and the silkiness of oils sparked a venture: a line of aromatherapy products crafted with care. The custom touch I infuse into every creation has been cherished by many, and is a testament to my commitment to offering an upgraded service that provides healing support.

In an era where stress has become our shadow, I saw opportunities not just challenges. The resonance of my singing bowls has been a solace for myself during times of grief and injuries. Clients and community members have benefitted from my experiences, allowing sound to reach corners of their souls untouched by words.

And then there is the vast, mysterious cosmos, its secrets laid bare through astrology, providing a map to guide souls lost in the chaos of life. Yes! You read that correctly - Astrology. The cosmic tales a brith chart whispers are nothing short of transformative. When I started studying with Debra Silverman, I was astounded by how clear it was in my chart that I am indeed someone who solves problems by looking outside the box, and many other things I had been told to silence. I realized then the power of astrology to guide me to my soul's calling to be who I am meant to be. It is a joy to use this knowledge inherent in a birth chart to create custom made aromatherapy, soul discovery and sound therapy sessions, each attuned to the unique rhythm of an individual.

Societal molds often bind us, limiting our true potential. I understand this struggle, especially the challenges women face in this journey. If you are feeling confined, yearning for a release, I am here to offer you guidance, support, and healing.

I'm excited to work with you on this new journey of blending the creation that solves your needs through sound, touch and soul exploration. 

Together, let's embark on a transformative journey towards self-discovery, tranquility and an embracing of your authentic self.

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