Massage Therapy, Sound Therapy, & Astrology

Relax * Retreat * Renew : Custom

These fun and interactive DIY massage classes can focus on reflexology or head/scalp/face/neck. Each class can be 60 minutes - 2 hours duration depending on your group and your intention. They can be via Zoom, or in-person with special arrangements. Minimum of 3 people. It is more fun with a friend or partner to work with! Each class includes the product needed for reflexology or scalp massage, custom designed for your group.

$60 - 60 minutes

$90 - 90 minutes

$120 - 120 minutes

Cost per person

Intro to Your Natal Astrology

We are all more complex than our sun sign! In this 2 hour class you will discover the special combination of Sun, Moon, Rising signs and the dominant element that makes you YOU. We will talk about the aspects of each sign of the zodiac, what enhances the Sun, Moon and Rising give to the signs that live in those positions in your chart. Class will be held on Zoom, or in-person with special arrangements. Minimum of 3 people. 

$120 - 2 hr. Class

Cost per person

Basic Aromatherapy

Are you curious to dive a little deeper into the world of essential oils? This online class will introduce you to the backstory of some of the most popular essential oils available. The learning section of the class will be conversational and fun, followed by an interactive blending exercise. A kit containing all that you will need is included in the cost.

3hr Class


Write Your Story: a Tarot Journey

Sometimes we get stuck in where we are, and forget how we got here. Join me on a journey through your life story by using the tarot as a guide. Knowing your story helps with so many things, including untangling chronic patterns.

The course will be a series of 4 sessions. Each session is approximately 2 hours, and will include introductions, writing and sharing, and a wrap up. The course will run throughout 2023. Sign up for 1 Course or all 12. A different tarot deck will be highlighted each month. Participants are welcome to use their own decks to add more insight to each card we take guidance from.

Weekday Sessions begin Wednesday January 4, 2023 with your choice of 2 sections: morning 10am - 12pm EST or evening 7pm - 9pm EST.

*Each course includes 4 sessions. (All sessions will be recorded.)

Minimum of 3 participants is required for the course.

1 Course - $120

3 Courses - $325

Pricing for Individual Appointments

Massage Therapy - $45 for 30 minutes

Massage Therapy - $85 for 60 minutes

Massage Therapy - $110 for 75 minutes

Sound Therapy - $25 for 30 minutes

(while in apprentice training with Wind Willow Sound Health)

Sound Therapy - $45 for 60 minutes

(while in apprentice training with Wind Willow Sound Health)

Astrology - Basic Natal Chart reading only $75

with detailed transcript and report: $135 (online only)

Astrology - Birthday Reading only $75

with detailed transcript and report: $135 (online only)


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