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Essential Oils and the Winter Blues

It’s that time of year again. The warm weather is ending and the dark and cold are settling in. Here in Michigan the sun doesn’t rise until after we’re out of bed and sets before we leave work or evening activities. Daylight Savings Time ends, adding more disruption to our body’s rhythms. These changes often leave us feeling less than our best. The clinical name for this feeling is Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) which usually starts up in the fall or winter and lasts until spring. SAD can bring on feelings of depression and general lack of interest. The Mayo Clinic notes additional symptoms can include anxiety, excessive sleepiness, insomnia, appetite changes, lack of concentration and weight gain. (

Thankfully, essential oil blends can offer some relief. Using essential oils as a part of your daily routine can ease anxiety, help with sleep, improve concentration, and alleviate appetite issues. There are multiple ways to deliver your blend depending on how and where you would most need support. Diffusing and burning candles infuse your space with scent to bring relaxation and focus. Personal inhalers (aka “sniffy sticks”) are portable and allow you to have your blend easily available in any situation. Blends can be added to body and hair oils, and used in the bath or shower. If you like to take baths, hydrosol blends can be created and used safely in the bath water. Additionally, the blend you’re using can be switched during the day to help you to wake up or begin settling down for the night.

The following oils have been helpful for clients who experience mild symptoms of SAD:

With the change in the weather comes a new line of products designed to help alleviate SAD symptoms. The Winter Sunshine line includes a body oil, a scrub, a candle and a personal sniffy stick and is available in my shop or with the links below. Winter Sunshine can help you begin your daily routines with aromas of citrus, mint and frankincense. Winter Nocturne is best for evenings as you unwind from the day with the comforting aromas of pine, vanilla, lavender, frankincense and a hint of lime.

Another option is to make a blend yourself using the following DIY recipes:

Bring on the Sunshine

This blend brings the sensation of the sun’s uplifting warmth, while helping to clear and focus the mind. Use distilled water in your diffuser, then add:

3 drops Bergamot Oil

3 drops Orange (sweet or wild)

2 drops Cardamom Oil

Bring on the ZZZ’s

This blend includes oils with a more sedative effect that is perfect for beginning your bedtime routine. (Note — Neroli is a fabulous oil for helping with anxiety, depression and in relaxation. However it is an expensive oil. Petitgrain can be substituted). Put distilled water in your diffuser, then add:

3 drops Bergamot Oil

2 drops Frankincense carterii Oil (or try my favorites, Frankincense frereana and Frankincense sacra)

1 drop Patchouli

I hope these essentials oil blends help you have an easier trip through the darker winter months!

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor and do not prescribe medicine or diagnose. Please see your doctor if you are experiencing symptoms that concern you, and ask your doctor about using aromatherapy, especially if you are on medications.

Affiliate Link Disclosure: The essential oils listed above are affiliate links for This is a company I use and trust for their consideration of ethically and sustainably harvested oils.

Woman in winter photo by Tony Ross on Unsplash

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