Susan L Mayer, LMT

Integrative relaxation for women 

I celebrate the wisdom of healing through touch, sound and the stars.
Providing hands-on healing has been a part of my life since childhood. In 1984, I experienced a 15-minute pre-event massage at a national masters swim meet that changed my life. In 1991 while on a bike tour in Door County, Wisconsin, I discovered that massage therapy was gaining in popularity. I graduated from the Chicago School of Massage Therapy in 1992, and have completed thousands of hours of continuing education since. 
The COVID-19 pandemic provided the opportunity to look for creative ways to provide relaxation and pain relief without touch. I found relief in the sounds of my singing bowls, creating supportive scents with essential oils, and diving into astrology. I have completed many hours of training in these old yet new things.  I am loving how they combine to provide relaxation and a reduction in anxiety we all need. Astrology may seem an unusual way to approach relaxation, but you will be surprised the things that show up in a birth chart!
With these new additions, I am able to continue to provide integrated work to bring about deep relaxation both in person and over the Internet.