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Integrated Healing for Women Navigating Loss, Transition, and Rediscovery of Self

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I celebrate the wisdom of healing through touch, sound and the stars. Providing hands-on healing has been a part of my life since childhood. In 1984, I experienced a 15-minute pre-event massage that changed my life.



Susan Mayer recently provided a very detailed astrological reading for me.  She clearly explained how my two stelliums in my chart highly affected my actions and decisions.  She also researched my mystic rectangle to help me better understand how this unique feature was influencing my life. I would highly recommend having an astrology reading done by Susan.

Lisa W

  • Is sound therapy as relaxing as a massage?
    Absolutely! Sound therapy employs vibrations from instruments that influence your body and help shift brainwave patterns, fostering a deep sense of relaxation. Together, the sound and vibrations allow for deep relaxation and a meditative state. Whether in-person or virtual, the sounds and vibrations together ensure that you achieve the intended relaxing effect.
  • Can I participate in sessions online?
    Absolutely! Here is what I offer for online participants: Sound immersion sessions: These can be effectively conducted virtually. Post-session you will receive a minimally edited recording for your reference and continued use. Self-care classes: Whether you are an individual or part of a group, my virtual self-care classes are both enjoyable and enlightening. Popular options include reflexology, and head, neck and face massage techniques. Feel free to reach out to schedule a class for your group, or book a private session. Soul Discovery Sessions: Dive deep into your spiritual journey with my online sessions, conducted seamlessly over Zoom.
  • How do I choose the session that aligns with my comfort and needs?
    Comfort in Clothing: If you prioritize staying clothed, particularly if you are new to bodywork sessions, consider a Sound Therapy Session or Reflexology Session. Dress in the relaxed attire you'd choose for a yoga session. Both sessions promise relaxation and enjoyment. Targeting Chronic Pain & Movement Restrictions: If you experience chronic pain or restriction of movement, consider a Clinical Massage Therapy session. For theses sessions, wear clothing that comfortably provides access to the affected area. Remember, during these sessions we work together, pinpointing and alleviating the root cause of your discomfort. In Pursuit of Inner Wisdom: Those journeying towards deeper self-awareness, or in search of clarity and inner tranquility will find my Soul Discovery Sessions deeply fulfilling. Whole Body Restoration or Deep Relaxation: Reflexology stands out for those seeking relief whole person affects of stress and anxiety. Relaxation Massage Therapy provides relaxation through gentle touch and oils to nourish your skin. Both provide the mind and body an hour of deep relaxation.
  • Do you offer sessions for clients under 18 years old?
    Yes, I welcome young women aged 12 - 18. However, parental consent is mandatory. To arrange an appointment, please reach out via the contact form.
  • What is a birth chart reading?
    A birth chart reading involves analyzing a celestial snapshot of the sky at the precise moment of your birth. By providing me with your birth date, time and location, I craft this celestial map. The chart helps us delve into conversation about how various elements, planets, and their placements influence and define your holistic being. For those who opt to combine this with sound therapy, the birth chart's insights are translated into resonating sounds using singing bowls, gongs, and other instruments to create a harmonious blend of astrology and artistry.
  • Can I customize a product from your store to my preference?
    Of course! I'm delighted to tailor products to your unique needs. Simply schedule an appointment with me, and we can discuss the ideal ingredients for you, whether it's in-person or through an online consultation.
  • How do I order for a product?
    It's simple! Visit my online store by selecting the "Store" button. You can. also find my top-rated. items showcased on the home page. Browse, choose, and order with ease!
  • Which regions do you ship to?
    Currently, I provide shipping services to both the United States and. Canada.
  • When are you open for business?
    I'm available on Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday from 11 am - 5 pm Eastern Standard Time.
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