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Enjoy the warm and cozy ambiance of this hand-poured Vanilla Woods Teacup Candle. The perfect seasonal scented candle, it features a perfect blend of fir, vanilla, cinnamon, and hints of orange that will help you relax and unwind. Made with luxurious coco apricot wax, this candle is designed to offer a long-lasting and even burn, providing a soothing fragrance for hours on end. Whether you're looking to create a relaxing atmosphere in your home or simply need a moment of calm after a long day, this Vanilla Woods Teacup Candle is the perfect choice.

Vanilla Woods Teacup Candle

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  • Coco-Apricot wax, Essential oils of Siberian Fir, Orange, Cinnamon, Peru Balsam, Benzoin, Vanilla Oleoresin, waxed cotton wick in a unique teacup that comes with its own saucer.

    Burn the candle for about an hour to create a nice pool of wax. Place the teacup candle somewhere safe where it won't be knocked over, and not near anything flamable.

    When your candle is gone, clean out your teacup and enjoy a nice cuppa or return it to be refilled with another candle! Contact me for details!

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