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I celebrate the wisdom of healing through touch, sound and the stars.

Providing hands-on healing has been a part of my life since childhood. In 1984, I experienced a 15-minute pre-event massage at a national masters swim meet that changed my life. In 1991 while on a bike tour in Door County, Wisconsin, I discovered that massage therapy was gaining in popularity. I graduated from the Chicago School of Massage Therapy in 1992, and have completed thousands of hours of continuing education since.


The COVID-19 pandemic provided the opportunity to look for creative ways to provide relaxation and pain relief without touch. I found relief in the sounds of my singing bowls, creating supportive scents with essential oils, and diving into astrology. I have completed many hours of training in these old yet new things. I am loving how they combine to provide relaxation and a reduction in anxiety we all need. Astrology may seem an unusual way to approach relaxation, but you will be surprised the things that show up in a birth chart!

With these new additions, I am able to continue to provide integrated work to bring about deep relaxation both in person and over the internet.


My Story

As a little girl, I loved smelling things. I loved pansies and lily of the valley. Especially enthralling was the perfume aisle, where I would spray every perfume on me. And not just the perfume. The men's cologne too. I'm sure I smelled a fright after that but I had a great time.

In the spring when no one was looking, I would dig up lily of the valley and think up ways to extract its delicious aroma. It turns out that it is a plant that has no essential oil, but it started my journey towards creating scent.


Reflexology introduced me to the use of essential oils in bodywork. Once I started with that, I started helping clients create their own blends for their session. It was something that we both enjoyed creating, and they could go home with a foot oil or room diffuser of their special blend.

I'm excited to begin this new journey of blending the creation of custom aromatherapy products that solve the needs of my clients, with sound, touch and creative coaching. I look forward to guiding you to your perfect blend! 

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